ULISSE 4.0: Wearable Position System Device

The project was developed by three companies: Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche Srl, Dr Wolf Srl and KED Srl.


The main purpose of the project is the study and development of a transportable system for real-time detecting and trackind of several object and transmit location data in the cloud and on a mobile app. The system architecture is composed of Tag, Anchor and an App that can run on tablet or mobile phone.


The transmitting device, associated with a mobile object or a person, is characterized by low power consumption and fed by a coin battery. It is able to send its position 10 times per second and allows its detection with an accuracy within 30 cm.


Anchors receive tag messages and are powered by lithium batteries. At power on, the anchors perform a synchronization operation to calculate the geometry of the coverage area


Represents the heart of the application, receives data from the Anchor on the position of the Tags in the coverage area and performs the triangulation and stabilization algorithms of the path, to define the position of the Tags

ULISSE is a project co-financed with funds POR-CReO FESR 2014 – 2020 – BANDO B- Support for strategic or experimental innovative projects, Linea 1.1.2B e 1.1.3.

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