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KED was founded in 2015 by two partners with many years of experience in university research in the field of medical signals processing and images, firs as PhD students and later as researchers.

KED is a company that deals with embedded technologies, which combines the latest hardware and software systems to create innovative solutions for its customers. We were able to offer a service that cover the whole production process: consultancy and electronic design, prototyping, development of software, hardware study and implementation, product certification, test and inspection, up to the after-sales assistance of the product, such as:

  • Hardware design of FPGA-based electronic boards for industrial and aerospace applications
  • Custom VHDL firmware development.
  • Development of multiprocessor architectures for real-time image processing
  • Development of custom schedulers for the management of industrial movements
  • Hardware design dedicated to radio frequency applications, development of digital demodulation algorithms
  • Development of embedded linux systems, image and signal processing algorithms for laser marking systems
  • Image processing pipeline development, digital camera application development, vhdl firmware development for image sensor management
  • Development of VHDL firmware for railway safety applications, development of software according to SIL4 specifications, development of protocols and firmware for data communications on Gigabit Ethernet and communications on Aurora protocol.

In 15 years of activity we developed projects in different industrial sectors for national and international clients. We also play an fondamental role in some complex works in collaboration with university and private research entities.

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